Even though items are the building blocks of your Infinity workspace, folders are incredibly important for organizing and categorizing your work.

You can create as many folders as you want within one board to divide your work into sections that make sense for your team.

How to Create a New Folder

Folders are located on the left-hand side of your board. Here’s how to create a new folder:

  • On the left-hand rail below the board’s name find and click +New Folder
  • Give your new folder a name by typing it in
  • Choose view type 

You can further subdivide your folders into subfolders. Here’s how you will do this:

  • Hover over the folder you want to subdivide
  • Find and click the plus sign that will appear on the folder
  • Give your subfolder a name by typing it in
  • Choose view type
  • Create more subfolders by following the same principle

How to Navigate Your Folders

All your folders will always be on the left-hand rail, so it will be easy to overview them at any point. If, however, you want a cleaner interface to get a better view of the items, you will be able to hide the folders by clicking the collapse icon next to the first tab. Clicking the same icon again will bring the folders right back.

If you wish to change the order of the folders, you can do it easily by drag and drop. Just click the folder you want to move, and drag it to its new place.

You can also use drag and drop to move your items from one folder to the other. Just click the item you want to move and drag it to its new folder in the left-hand rail.

Change the names of your folders by selecting a folder, double-clicking its name and typing in the new one. And if you want to delete a folder, hover over it, click the three dots symbol and then Delete.

Now that you have your folders, you’re ready to fill them in with items and get to work. 

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