A great project management tool should be your team’s largest database. After all, the point is to have everything in one place.

But, for large teams and complex projects, that database can become pretty enormous. To navigate the platform without difficulties, you will need tools precise enough to help you find a needle in a haystack.

This is where filters come into play.

Filters are there to help you single out and view exactly the items you need at any given moment. And, in Infinity, we’ve made sure to keep them thoroughly versatile for ultimate flexibility.

How to Create a New Filter

Filters are located on the toolbar in the top-right corner of the board. Once you click the Filter icon, you will notice it says ‘No filters applied’ if you haven’t created any filters yet.

To create a new filter click +New Filter. Now you will need to create a formula that specifies the exact set of items you want to view.

The formula will always contain one of the attributes that you added to your item (members, checkbox, labels, etc.), and each attribute will trigger different options to continue the formula.

For example, you can end up with a formula similar to this: “Where Stage Is In Progress” or “Where Done Not Checked.”

As you add more filters they will narrow down the items you’re going to view.

You can also change the values inside the formula to get different results. And if you want to delete a filter, just click the X symbol on the far right of the formula. 

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