Overview is the feature you’re going to use when you want to see all the items belonging to all the folders and subfolders on a board. Overview allows you to work with all your board items in one place, with endless possibilities to customize the way you view them. 

Note: You can’t add new items in the overview. You can only do that in separate folders. 

Board Overview

To see all the items on a board, click on the Board Overview button in the top-left part of the board (right above your folders).

The overview will appear as the first tab on the tab bar. This means that even in the overview, you will be able to do everything you can do in any other tab - apply filters, change views, customize attributes, etc. 

This feature is great when you need to classify and analyze all the items on one board in a certain way. For example, you can use the overview to filter out all the board items assigned to one team member, or all the board items that have high-priority, etc. 

Folder Overview

You have the ability to create a folder with multiple subfolders, and those subfolders can also have their children subfolders. Sometimes you’ll want to see all the items in a parent folder, including all the subfolders. With folder overview, you can do that. 

Just select the folder you want to explore and click on the toggle switch to include all the subfolders within that folder.

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