As you start organizing your first projects with Infinity, you will notice there are two ways you can create a new board. Of course, you can start from scratch but if you want to kick things off faster, you can also use templates.

Templates are basically ready-made boards filled with predefined data dedicated to specific purposes. But even though they come with a set of data to speed things up, you can customize each template, build on it and shape it entirely how you want.

Whenever you create a new board you will get to decide whether you’re going to start from scratch, use a template or import your data. After you click the Create Board button and enter the basic details about your board, in the next screen, you'll see these options:

When you choose to start with a template and click Create, you will be taken to our Templates page where you'll be able to read about each template and choose the one you want to use.

In Infinity, you can also use a template to create a new folder. When you click Add New Folder, the folder creation modal will appear. At the top right corner of the modal, you'll notice the option to use a template.

As soon as you click Templates, you will be taken to the Templates page.

Here are some of the popular templates you can choose from:

  • Product Roadmap
  • Growth Experiments
  • Company Projects
  • Marketing Agency
  • Business Roadmap
  • Content Calendar
  • Simple Kanban
  • Simple Task List

You can check out all Infinity templates here:

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