As the date of our official product launch approaches, we are busy polishing Infinity for the big day. In the past month, we've been adding new features and improvements constantly and now it’s time for the new release - Infinity 1.4.

Check out what's new in this version.

Activity Log

With the activity log, you'll be able to see all the changes made on the item level as well as board level. Whether somebody from the team adds something new, renames a task or moves it to a different folder - you and your team will be able to track it all so that everybody can stay in the loop.

Attribute: Reference

Reference attribute will help you link items to each other so that you and your team can know which data is related and quickly get the information necessary without wasting time to browse through the board. 

Duplicate: Folders and Views

In the new version of Infinity, you will be able to duplicate folders and views, which will allow you to create custom templates ready to reuse whenever you need them. Duplicate will be a great addition for teams handling recurring processes. 

Folder Overview

We're also introducing folder overview functionality which will enable you to select all children folders and see all the items from the parent folder in a single view. From there, you will then be able to group and filter these items and change views.

Static Attributes: Created By, Created At, Source Folder

We've also added three static attributes so you can easily see who created an item, when it was created and in which folder. Since they are static, the value of these attributes is assigned automatically and can't be changed. 

Move and Merge

When moving an item from one folder to another, you will have two options - 'move' and 'move & merge.' With 'move' the item you're moving will inherit the attributes from the destination folder, whereas with 'move & merge' you will combine the attributes from both folders.

Aside from these new features, we've also fixed some bugs and added a number of improvements:

  • Trello Import bugs and improvements
  • Filters bugs and improvements 
  • Invite new members from member picker
  • Loaders with tips and hints
  • Invite modal design improvements
  • Tool performance

In the next version of Infinity coming by the end of March, you can expect to see notifications, new custom templates, payment and pricing, improved onboarding and many more fixes and improvements. Stay tuned!

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