After several weeks of hard work, today we’ve released Infinity 1.5 - the new version which includes plenty of new features and other improvements.

Check out what we’ve packed into this version:

Notifications (Email and In-App)

The long-awaited notifications are finally here! We’ve implemented email and in-app notifications so you and your team can stay in the loop with all the updates - newly assigned items, new comments on the items you’re watching, and much more. Just like everything else, our notifications are super flexible, which means you can easily control what notifications you’re seeing, where and when.

Payment and Billing

As we’re slowly exiting beta, we’re also releasing our pricing plans and adding payment functionality to the system. With that, users will be able to see the information related to their subscription and easily follow the details regarding the payments. 

Undo for Items

Another important functionality has finally found its place in the new version of Infinity. From now on, you’ll get the option to restore an accidentally deleted item by hitting the Undo button or typing CTRL+Z. 

Filter Improvements

When filter is set (for example 'Where member is Aleksandar') new items will inherit values of the filter that was set. That means that all new items that you create will automatically have member 'Aleksandar' in the attribute value. 

Also, filter is now able to hide empty/filtered groups. If you set filter to 'Where status is done' it will hide all other groups and show only 'done' items. 

Custom Branding - Use Your Logo

You're now able to use your workspace logo as your header logo. This will finally give you the opportunity to brand your boards!

Attach Large Files

You're now able to attach files up to 500MB. Keep in mind that the upload could be a bit slow due to the low Internet speed.

Toggle Intercom 

The boring Intercom button can now be hidden! :) 

Just click on the account button and then click 'Toggle Intercom.' The logo will automatically disappear, and you'll have a better look at your workflow.

Link Rendering in Comments

When you paste a link in the comments, they will now render as clickable links. 

Empty States

We've added a quick tip and an image for every empty state out there. For example when you don't have any boards, folders, items, filters, etc.

Paste Image to Clipboard

If you use a shortcut to take screenshots like CMD+CTRL+SHIFT+4 on Mac, you're now able to paste them by hitting CTRL+V in the attachment attribute. 

Mobile Responsive Improvements

We've improved the layout of items in the mobile responsive version and also added the search functionality. We're getting closer to perfect mobile responsive which will soon result in mobile apps. Hooray!


On top of that, we’ve also fixed several annoying bugs, we’ve improved the overall tool performance and speed, but also polished the design a bit.

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