In a certain tab, you can customize your view in any number of ways. You can change the view, group your items, add a filter and much more. Now, you can also sort your items to appear in a certain order according to the values of the attribute you choose.

Sort will allow you to order your items by any attribute you have in the folder. 

How To Sort Items

To be able to sort your items, you’ll first have to assign attributes to them. If you haven’t already, we suggest you first check out the section on attributes.

You'll be able to find the Sort button at the top right corner of your board, among other customization features. The attributes you have in this folder will appear as the sort options.

Let's take Jenny's Store as an example. Jenny might find it useful to sort her items by price.

In this case, we will sort the items in the following way: click +New Sort, then we will choose 'Price' as the attribute and then choose ascending or descending order. 

And that's it. Your items will automatically be reordered by the rule you've set.

You can easily change the formula and create a different sorting rule, or you can even add several sorting rules at once.

To delete a sorting rule, just click the X symbol on the far right of the formula.

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