Items are the fundamental units of Infinity and they will be the building blocks of your organization, management and collaboration.

Depending on the nature of your business, items can be anything you want them to be. They can be tasks, processes, information, events, files, leads and literally anything else you need for your work or personal projects.

The best part about Infinity items is that you can customize them in a wide variety of ways. You will be able to filter the items in various ways, assign team members to them, add links or attachments, mark the items as complete/incomplete and many other details that can be essential for highly effective project management.

How to Create a New Item

As you enter a board, you will get the option to choose a template with predefined demo items. But, if you’re building a board from scratch, you will need to create and customize items yourself.

Here’s how you’ll create a new item:

  • Find and click the gray button that says +Add New Item in the center of the view
  • A new empty item will appear
  • Give your item a name by typing it in

It’s important to note that in different views, your items will take different shapes. For example, in the List view, the items will be oblong, in the Kanban view, the items will resemble cards, while in the Calendar view, they will be shown as events scheduled for certain dates. 

How to Navigate an Item

Whenever you want to see the details of a certain item or customize it, it’s enough just to click on the item you want to explore. As you do that, a new sidebar on the right-hand rail of the board will appear.

You will be able to customize your item by creating and adding the custom fields within one item. This is where Infinity’s flexibility really shines because there are infinite possibilities to customize your item.

You can learn more about these options in sections about Custom Fields and Customize features.

To exit the sidebar, just press the X symbol at the top right corner of the sidebar.

You can always change an item’s name directly by double-clicking on the item or in the right-hand sidebar. And if you want to delete an item, just click the X symbol at the top right corner of an item that appears when you hover over it.

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