As you start organizing your first projects with Infinity, you will notice there are two ways you can create a new board. Of course, you can start from scratch but if you want to kick things off faster, you can also use templates.

Templates are basically ready-made boards filled with predefined data dedicated to specific purposes. But even though they come with a set of data to speed things up, you can customize each template, build on it and shape it entirely how you want.

Whenever you create a new board you will get to decide whether you’re going to start from scratch or use a template. After you click the Create Board button, a new screen will appear where you’ll be able to choose among templates.

Here are the templates you can choose from:

  • Kanban Board
  • Gallery
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Notes
  • Bookmarks
  • Task List
  • Meetings
  • Events
  • Content Calendar

Kanban Board

Although you can organize anything with Infinity, the most common use for a project management tool is task management.

Kanban Board will give you a predefined set of tasks grouped by their stage that you can customize by replacing them with your to-dos. You can also use Backlog and Archive folders for a clearer overview of all your future and past tasks. 


Whether you’re a photographer, designer, content manager or an e-commerce business owner, a gallery will definitely come in handy.

This template will allow you to store images as items, so you can easily see them all at a glance. Although Gallery template will serve mainly for images, you can customize, filter and group them just like any other type of item.

Sales Pipeline

A functional sales pipeline is essential for a business. What’s the point of having everything organized if you’re not keeping tabs on your leads and sales?

Use the Sales Pipeline to easily monitor progress with leads and clients. In this template, you’ll find a Kanban board so you can classify your leads based on stages, amount, country and anything else you need.


Brainstorming is a crucial element of every project. To gather all your ideas and thoughts in one place, you can use Notes.

This template is very simple and it will help you store any type of data and view them however you want. Choosing this template will provide you with a Kanban view of your notes but you can modify it and switch to a view that makes more sense to you.


Avid readers and professionals wanting to stay up to date with the latest trends in their fields will find Bookmarks template very useful.

Use this template to create your reading list and bookmark the web articles you want to check out. The template comes in list and Kanban view so you can also keep track of your progress.

Task List

A list is the fastest and simplest method for adding and viewing tasks. This template will give you a predefined task list that you will be able to customize to come up with your own to-do lists.

With Task List, you will be able to overview your team’s tasks, add descriptions to them and track their progress. 


To have a business that runs like clockwork, you’ll need to keep track of important meetings - in-house as well as with clients, customers or investors. Use this template to track those unmissable meetings.

The template for meetings comes in three views - calendar, list and Kanban classified by location. Of course, you can later customize it to fit your needs.


Stay on top of all the important events whether you’re organizing your personal life or running a business.

This template allows you to monitor all the upcoming events for you and your team together with their dates, categories, locations and other essential details. Observe your events as a list or as a Kanban board classified by type.

Content Calendar

A great content strategy relies on creativity but it also needs flawless organization. Infinity’s Content Calendar is the perfect solution.

This template comes in two views - Kanban where you’ll get an overview of all the content pieces classified by categories and a calendar for when you need a clear view of the deadlines and publishing dates.

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